Nefer Defense Inc.


Composite Ballistic Armor

Nefer Defense Inc.; It develops composite ballistic armor, which provides protection against ammunition up to the 4th level (L1, L2, L3, L4), is easy to apply, is lightweight, fireproof, and has high impact resistance, and manufactures it in special sizes for your needs.
+ Military Vehicles, Equipment, Bunkers
+ Government Buildings
+ Armored Vehicles, Banks
+ Limousines and Other Transportation Targets
+ High Profile Political and Executive Residences
+ Training Bunkers for Military and Police
+ Portable blast mats for vehicles
+ High Visibility Venues such as Sporting Events, Concerts
+ Sensitive Facilities Attracting Protestors
+ Police Vehicles, Water Patrol Vessels, Barricades
+ Security Risks such as Pipes, Bridges, Chemical Tanks
+ Fuel Transport and Storage Areas
+ Combustible Environments: Chemical Plants, Refineries
+ Explosion resistant walls, curtains and panels

Armored Places

Bulletproof Places:
+ Houses, Residences
+ Banks, Exchange Offices

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What is SIEM?
Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions are effective systems that help identify critical security events. After collecting and standardizing the logs produced by the devices installed in your institution, it reports security breaches by making log analysis based on the correlation rules written on it.
Why Should You Use SIEM?

1. Advanced Threat Detection: It is possible with the SIEM product in the most effective way to weed out the meaningful events in the most insignificant log flow from the devices installed in your organization with full 24/7 performance and take action. Security events that escape human eyes and perceptions; KVKK, GDPR, ISO27001 etc. will cause serious problems for the institution due to regulations.

2. Quick Detection and Response, Efficient Security Operations: Time becomes of the essence when it comes to Cyber Security. The longer the attack goes undetected, the more the damage will be. The SIEM solution, as an in-house global watchdog, will speed up the process of taking the necessary action by directing the relevant person directly after detecting instant violations and attacks. If the authorized person identifies the incoming notification as a real risk, the necessary action can be taken straight from the highest level.
Nefer Defense Inc.; KVKK, GDPR, ISO27001 etc. with its SIEM product, which is in compliance with the regulations, it is in a competent position to meet your cyber security needs.

Denial of Service (DoS / DDoS) Attack Tests

Denial of service attacks (DoS / DDoS) is one of the effective and therefore popular types of attacks that are used to disrupt the services offered by an internet-connected computer or to stop it from working by consuming its resources. For example, the financial loss caused by the inability of a bank or e-commerce site to serve for a while, as well as the loss of reputation, which has greater effects than this, may result in unmeasurable and therefore unpredictable results for the institution.
Nefer Defense Inc.; It simulates denial-of-service attacks on corporate digital assets in a controlled manner, measures the endurance of your digital assets, and provides reports that will allow you to take the necessary precautions.

Social Engineering: Phishing Attack Tests

Social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people for the purpose of performing any action or disclosing confidential information.
The “Phishingattack test, which is one of the social engineering types, tests the ability to capture the sensitive information of the employees of the institution through a message (Email, SMS, WhatsApp Message, etc.) prepared as if it came from a known or reliable source. The targeted individuals unwittingly hand over important information to the attacker.
Nefer Defense Inc.; It tests how safe the institution is against social engineering attacks by sending fake e-mails or any type of electronic message specially prepared to the institution by measuring the awareness level of the institution employees and reports the results.

Information Security Awareness Training

Information security is getting more and more important. The first step to prevent emerging cyber security risks is to raise awareness of possible risks.
Nefer Defense Inc.; It offers a training where every individual using the internet and digital devices can learn the basic concepts of information security, known falsehoods, potential threats and precautions to be taken against them. The training offered under the subheadings of Physical Security, Password Security, Social Engineering, E-mail Security, Internet Usage, Mobile Device Security and Malware makes an undeniable contribution to corporate digital security by creating a basic level of awareness among corporate employees.